Career Development Seminars

The talks are given by IMPRS faculty members, IMPRS alumni, or other experts from the Dresden scientific landscape and beyond.



Heiko Burau (elevait GmbH, Dresden)

From Quantum Mechanics to Neural Networks: My Transition from Academic Physics to AI in the Tech Industry



Chris Armbruster

Data Careers in the 2020s



Paula Ostmann

From a PhD to a Team Master at TraceTronic GmbH Dresden



Max Buchholz

Powerpoint and Petrol - Working in Automotive Development Engineering as a Physicist


Thomas Baumgart

Working in a Ministry as a Former Scientist

CANCELED - Will be rescheduled

Janik Kailasvuori (FSE Portfolio Management GmbH, Scherbeck Energy Group)

Ups and Downs of a Career Change from Theoretical Physics to Portfolio Management Systems in the Energy Sector


Martin Mucha (Freelance IT Business Analyst)

From PhD Student to IT Professional


David Schönleber (esentri AG)

Experiences in Data Science


Orestis Georgiou (Ultrahaptics)

Touching the Invisible


Florian Fruth & Benjamin Schröder (Wayfair, Berlin)

Data Science and e-commerce at Wayfair


Kai Dierkes (Pupil Labs UG, Berlin)

Venturing into industry - My journey so far


Christopher Gaul (Cognitec Systems GmbH)

Career perspective for physicists in machine learning and biometrics


Mykola Maksymenko (SoftServe, Kiev)

Complex Physics Insights in R&D Applications


Uwe Lienig (Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH)

The Technology Industry in Saxony


Bas Vlaming (Picnic Supermarkets)

From exciton dynamics to grocery dynamics: data science tales from e-commerce


Olivier Tieleman (Google DeepMind Technologies)

A Random Walk from Physics to AI


Lena Simon (JINA)

Science Management: An Experience Report on Managing an NSF Physics Frontiers Center


Wladimir Tschischik

(TNG Technology, Munich)                                     

An overview of technology consulting

10/11/2016Ionut Georgescu
(Google, USA):
A Physicist in Silicon Valley: Google Search
03/11/2016Peter Borowski
(Manager Characterization AVANCIS GmbH, Muenchen):
A very limited and completely subjective comparison between research in industry and academia



9/9/2016Sarah Mostame (Research Scientist Intel Labs):A Quantum Physicist: From TU Dresden to Intel Labs-- 
14/4/2016Stefan Winkelmann (d-fine):Scientists in Risk-Management Consulting-- 
11/2/2016Andrea Taroni (Chief Editor Nature Physics)Inside Nature Physics-- 
10/12/2015Christian Gnodtke (IMPRS Alumnus, now at Citibank London)Careers in quantitative finance: An introduction for graduate students of physics & Co-- 
12/11/2015Hagen Fuchs (MPI-PKS and IFW Dresden)Just Enough Unix to Be Dangerous-- 
11/6/2015Hugo Vieyra (IMPRS Alumnus, now R and D / magnetic systems and materials):Industry: a transition from unconventional superconductivity into conventional magnetismMarkus Abel, Founder and CEO of Ambrosys GmbH Founding, Start-Ups and Industry - a Theoretical Physicists Point of View
7/5/2015Ansgar Pernice (IMPRS Alumnus, now at MSG Life)Customized Software for Life Insurances-- 
2/4/2015Carsten Timm (TUD):Scientific Writing-- 
5/3/2015Nils Henkel (IMPRS Alumnus, now at GNS Systems GmbH)High Performance Computing in the Real World-- 
11/12/2014Jens H. Bardarson (MPI-PKS):A few thoughts on the art of giving a talkLy Do (MPI-PKS):A few things to keep in mind when applying for a postdoc position