Students of the graduate school

  • Albert, Nico Swen
    Dynamics of many-body open
    (Dr. M Haque, TU Dresden)
  • Beck, Hubert
    Machine learning for molecular simulations
    (Prof. O Marsalek, Charles University, Prague)
  • Belina, Michal
    Electronic spectroscopy of carbon materials
    (Prof. P Slavicek, UCT Prague)
  • Bonifacio, Mariano Carlos
    Non-equilibrium phases of many-body open systems
    (Dr. F Piazza, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Brezina, Krystof
    Structure, dynamics and spectroscopy of proton defects in liquids
    (Prof. O Marsalek, Charles University, Prague)
  • Cemin, Giovanni
    Tensor-networks-based reinforcement learning for quantum many-body systems
    (Dr. M Bukov, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Chulliparambil, Sreejith
    Microscopic models for strongly coupled phases from conformal field theory
    (Prof. HH Tu, TU Dresden)
  • Cruces Chamorro, Víctor
    Improving interactions between ions and biomolecules in molecular simulations
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Durst, Aileen
    From few-body to many-body physics with impurities in Rydberg systems
    (Dr. M Eiles, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Filgas, Josef
    Relativistic Effects in Reactions under External Stimuli
    (Prof. P Slavicek, UCT Prague)
  • Glodkowski, Aleksander
    Effective field theory approach to phases of matter
    (Prof. R Moessner/Dr. P Surowka, MPI-PKS, Dresden & Wrocław University of Science and Technology)
  • Janos, Jiri
    Quantum dynamics at ab initio level
    (Prof. P Slavicek, UCT Prague)
  • Karlsson, Hannes
    Electrodynamics of strongly correlated superconducting condensates
    (Dr. A Wietek, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Kieler, Maximilian
    Entanglement in Bipartite Systems
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick/Prof. A Bäcker, TU Dresden)
  • Kostal, Vojtech
    Modelling of Solvated Ions
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Liu, Shuwei
    Topological Phases of Matter beyond Existing Classification Schemes
    (Dr. AM Cook, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Liu, Tsai-Jung
    Electronic properties of metal-organic frameworks
    (Prof. T Heine, TU Dresden)
  • Lorenz, Florian
    Structure of resonance states in dialectic cavities, in particular ray-segment scarring
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick, TU Dresden)
  • Mahato, Biplab
    Kinetic equation approach to the description of graphene in strong external fields
    (Prof. D Blaschke, University of Wroclaw)
  • Maity, Arkayjoti
    Theory of quantum mechanical and semiclassical dynamics of 2D materials in intense laser pulses
    (Prof. JM Rost, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Matus, Pawel
    Transport Phenomena in Advanced Materials
    (Prof. R Moessner/Dr. P Surowka, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Mishra, Aritra
    Non-Markovian quantum state diffusion for the dynamics of Rydberg atoms in a BEC
    (Dr. A Eisfeld, MPI-PKS)
  • Müller, Kai Philipp
    Description of Continuously Measured Quantum Systems in Structured Environments
    (Prof. W Strunz, TU Dresden)
  • Nemirovich, Tatiana
    Modelling Properties of Solvated Electrons in Polar Solvents Using Ab Initio Calculations and Methods of Molecular Dynamics
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Nguyen, Man Hong Thi
    Simulation of cell-penetrating peptides and lipid membranes
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Ovad, Tomáš
    Probing and Transforming Matter by Electrons: From Molecules to Liquids
    (Prof. P Slavicek, UCT Prague)
  • Pal, Adipta
    Classification and physical mechanisms of topological phases of matter
    (Dr. AM Cook, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Panasawatwong, Adisorn
    Classification of molecular spectra through synthetic Hamilton matrices enabled machine learning
    (Prof. JM Rost, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Patil, Vinay Rajendra
    Effective field theories of fuzzy topological phases of matter
    (Dr. AM Cook, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Poddar, Siddhartha
    Revealing strong-field dynamics with machine learning
    (Prof. JM Rost, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Pokart, Tim
    Dynamics of Quantum Correlations in Dissipative Many-Body Systems
    (Prof. JC Budich, TU Dresden)
  • Polena, Jan
    Non-adiabatic simulations ofelectron-induced chemical reactions
    (Prof. P Slavicek, UCT Prague)
  • Poštulka, Jan
    Photodynamical simulations of hydrogen peroxide on ice surfaces
    (Prof. P Slavicek, UCT Prague)
  • Qiao, Yulong
    Variational Gaussian apporach to many-body quantum dynamics
    (Prof. F Großmann, TU Dresden)
  • Rabe, Benjamin
    Application of machine learning to atomic and molecular physics problems
    (Prof. JM Rost, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Riopedre Fernández, Miguel
    Exploring the Fundamental Molecular Interactions Modulating Glycocalyx Bioactivity
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Rodriguez Mendez, Alvaro Gaspar
    Quantum Transport and Thermoelectric Efficiency in Low-Dimensional Systems
    (Prof. G Cuniberti, TU Dresden)
  • Schachter, Itay
    Macroscopic modeling of cell membranes
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Schindler, Paul Manuel
    Out-of-Equilibrium Physics in Quantum Many-Body Systems
    (Prof. R Moessner/Dr. M Bukov, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Schmidt, Jan Robert
    Phase Space Distribution of Resonance States in Chaotic Systems
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick, TU Dresden)
  • Shukla, Udita
    Effects of Colour Superconductivity on Mass-Radius Relations of Hybrid Compact Stars
    (Prof. D Blaschke, University of Wroclaw)
  • Simic, Milena
    Rydberg Atoms and Excitions
    (Dr. Matthew Eiles, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Simko, Pavol
    Enhancing molecular modeling with machine learning
    (Prof. Dr. O Marsalek, Charles University Prague)
  • Singhvi, Puja
    Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Surface-Mounted Metal-Organic Frameworks
    (Prof. T Heine, TU Dresden)
  • Staszewski, Luke
    Superconductivity and Magnetic Correlations
    (Prof. R Moessner / Dr. A. Wietek, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Stefanidis, Nikolaos
    Fractionalisation from band-topology beyond frustration
    (Dr. I Sodemann, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Suchan, Jiri
    Efficient Methods for Molecular Excited-State Dynamics
    (Prof. P Slavicek, UCT Prague)
  • Sumba Lusero, Cristhian Humberto
    Near-field investigations of two-dimensional quantum materials in equilibrium and upon photoexcitation
    (Dr. A Charnukha, IFW Dresden)
  • Tempra, Carmelo
    Electronic continuum correction and its efficacy in describing protein force fields
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Tichacek, Ondrej
    Computational modelling of the inner ear
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Tsaloukidis, Lazaros
    Field Theories and Phases of Matter
    (Prof. R Moessner/Dr. P Surowka, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Tsiopelas, Stefanos
    Relativistic Transport Phenomena in Many-body Systems
    (Prof. A. Sedrakian, Universtity of Wroclaw)
  • Vitek, Marco
    Molecular Modelling of Structure and Reactivity of Solvated Electrons in Polar Solvents
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Walkling, James
    Novel States of Matter in Magnetic Quantum Materials
    (Prof. R Moessner/Dr. M Bukov, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Yao, Jiangtian
    Quantum chaos and control in unitary circuit dynamics
    (Prof. R Moessner/Dr. P Claeys, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Zhang, Ying-Ying
    Computational exploration of two-dimensional coordination polymers for potential utilization in catalysis, including electro- and photocatalysis
    (Prof. T Heine, TU Dresden)