Lectures: Summer Semester 2023

The 2023 summer semester runs from April 1st 2023 - September 30th 2023. Lectures run from April 3rd 2023 to May 26th 2023 and again from June 5th to July 15th 2023.



General Lectures

lecture: Introduction to topological materials
lecturer: Dr. Dmitriy Efremov (IFW)
time and location: 

Lecture: Wednesday 14:50 - 16:20 B3E.26, IFW, Hemholzstrasse 20,
Thursday 14:50 - 16:20 ; Tutorial: Thursday 14:50 - 16:20 D2E.27, IFW, Hemholzstrasse 20

content: Simple models of topological insulators in 1D and 2D. Physical-mathematical concepts: Berry phase, Chern invariants. Thouless adiabatic pumping mechanism. Polarization. Z2 topological insulators. Topologically protected edge states. One way (chiral) and two-way (helical) edge states. Topological superconductors. Majoranas, Weyl materials.11. Selected topics of strongly correlated topological phases.
start: April, 5th
lecture: Chaos and Quantum Chaos
lecturer: Prof. Dr. Roland Ketzmerick (TUD)
time: Lecture: Mondays 13:00-14:30, Tuesdays 11:10-12:40; Tutorial: Tuesday 11:10-12:40
location: BZW A120 Zellescher Weg 17

Hamiltonian chaos: dynamical systems, KAM-theorem, origin of chaotic dynamics, transport in phase space. Quantum signatures of chaos: spectra, eigenstates, semiclassics, Gutzwiller trace formula, random matrix theory, experimental systems. Computer simulations will be used for visualization.

start: April, 3rd
lecture: Solid State Theory
lecturer: Jun.-Prof. Hong-Hao Tu (TUD)
time: Lecture: Tuesdays 13:00-14:30 Thursday 11:10-12:40; Tutorial: Thursday 11:10-12:40
location: BZW/A120
content: The topics covered in this course include lattice dynamics, electron gas, band theory, transport theory, quantum Hall effect, and basics of quantum magnetism.
start: April, 4th
lecture: Theory of frustated magnetism
lecturer: Dr. Bernhard FrankProf. Dr. Matthias Vojta (TUD)
time: Lecture: Monday 11:10 - 12:40, Friday 09:20 - 10:50; Tutorial: Friday 09:20 - 10:50
location: BZW/A120
content: 1. Introduction 2. Local moments and microscopic models 3. Spin-wave theory: Collinear vs. non-collinear states 4. Classical degeneracies and order by disorder 5. Spin ice 6. Quantum spin liquids 7. Quenched disorder and glassiness 8. Frustration in metals 9. Quantum criticality and frustration

Specialised Lectures

lecture: Quantum Compulational Complexity
lecturer: Prof. Dr. Frank Großmann (TUD)
time: Lecture: Wednesday 9:20-10:50
location: SE2/201/H

-Introduction: Basic notions, classic problems, complexity classes
-Linear algebra and non-universal quantum computing: Matrix multiplication, determinants, permanents, FFT
-Quantum algorithms: Intro to quantum computing, Deutsch algorithm, Grover algorithm, Shor algorithm

lecture: Nonlinear Dynamics
lecturer: Prof. Dr. Holger KantzJin Yan (MPIPKS)
time: Lecture: Monday 14:50-16:20
location: lecture hall 4, MPIPKS
content: Nonlinear dynamical system: physical context, discrete time systems, fixed points and their bifurcations, chaos. characterization of chaotic motion: fractal dimensions, Lyapunov exponents, entropies. Limits of predictability. Examples from physics and elsewhere, numerical integration.
start: April, 17th
lecture: Molecular Nanostructures
lecturer: Prof. Dr. Bernd Büchner
time: Mondays 9:20-10:50
location: IFW B3E.26

The lecture will address the following aspects of molecular nanostructures:
- High resolution microscopy (TEM, STM ...)- Chemical bonds in molecular nanostructures - Synthesis and functionalisation of molecular nanostructures - Physical properties and applications of molecular nanostructures - Molecular magnetism - Transport properties of graphene

start: April, 3rd